Who we are

Karios Games Ltd, founded in 2014, is an independent game development, design and publishing studio based in Geneva, Switzerland. Our goal is to make awesome casual games for awesome people. We push ourselves every day to make games that are fun to pick up and play anywhere and by anyone.

Karios Games is based in Geneva, Switzerland. We are proud to call Geneva home and very happy with the level of education, talent and entrepreneurship spirit Switzerland has to offer.

You can use the contact form below, or just shoot an email to email@kariosgames.com.

Dr. Marios Karagiannis

Dr. Marios Karagiannis


Marios is a games developer since he first used his first computer, when he was 8. He has been dreaming about game development since. He holds a PhD in Wireless Sensor Networks Visualization Techniques from the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Ilias Sounas

Ilias Sounas

Graphics Designer / Animator

Ilias is an award winning Graphics Designer, Illustrator and Animator.

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