We are in the process of replacing the Unity physics engine on our new game, Monster Striker Eleven, and replacing it with a simplified physics engine we are coding specifically for the game. While Unity uses the highly optimized PhysX physics engine, it is not deterministic, which means that given the same starting conditions, the physics simulation can vary slightly each time. This makes our life even so hard when it comes to network multiplayer, which will be our next thing to implement on the game, since we need to synchronize all motions for all players and the ball all the time instead of just players’ input. This can make the game use unnecessary high volumes of bandwidth and especially suffer when ping times are high. While we will not be using Unity’s motion, acceleration, forces we will still use some of the collision detection code they have, since we can make it work in a deterministic way and it’s very well implemented.

As you may guess, at this point the game is a mess to play and will be until we fine tune out physics system. The final version which will use this system will also behave slightly different than the version you may have seen in youtube videos or players at the Geneva Gaming Convention a few weeks back. Until we make the physics behave, enjoy the awesome soundtrack Nicole Schoefel made specifically for the game trailer.