We had an amazing time during the past weekend (October 8-9 2016). We had a booth (sponsored by Prohelvetia) at the first ever Geneva Gaming Convention in Palexpo, Geneva in Switzerland. We got the chance to meet awesome gamers from around the world, have them try our mobile games and also play the first prototype of Monster Striker Eleven for two days straight.

We also held a MSE tournament on the second day where more than 30 players completed head to head for more than 4 hours to win an Xbox One console, which finally landed in the hands of Joao, who convincingly grasped the game’s unique gameplay in a few hour and was able to score some awesome goals against really good players, like our runner-up Emanuel, who left with a copy of Fifa 17 as a consolation price.

We had the chance to present our company on the big stage with a short 5 minute presentation which you can watch below.

You can also find many more photos and videos from the event here.

We got awesome feedback, had a great time and looking forward to doing it again next year! Thanx to everyone who showed up!