We are working on some exciting stuff on our dungeon monsters football (soccer if you will) game and would like to share some with you. First of all take a look at the video below.

The stuff we have added already include:

  • A formations editor. You can have 5 different formations which you can change on the fly at any given time in-game using the d-pad on the controller. Each formation includes positions for all players (except the goalkeeper) for when they are attacking or defending.
  • An XP system. The player can get points be doing awesome stuff in-game and can level-up gaining honor titles. The XP system will be used for unlocking cool stuff in future versions.
  • Multiple teams to choose from. Both the blue and the red team can now chose between 10 different teams. While teams have the same stats at the moment, each time will have different strengths and weaknesses so depending on the play style of each player, some teams may be a better fit for them than others.
  • Multiple arenas to play in. Right now, we have the Lava Arena where you play surrounded by a lava river and Fire and Ice where you play between lava and frozen crystals. We have a bunch more planned for the final version.
  • A replay system. You can view a replay from the menu or automatically when a team scores a goal. It supports fast forward and backward, slow motion and frame-by-frame. Awesome way to show off your skills 🙂
    We have also improved the AI a lot and fixed some bugs people hated (hey, it was a prototype) while playing at the Geneva Gaming Convention Karios Games booth a couple of weeks back.
    We still have a lot planned to do in the game of course, so we will try to keep you up-to-date in the blog, on our Twitter (@kariosgames and @marioskar) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MonsterUpGame/).

    Watch this space!